Dear Valued Guests and Partners,

We hope during this time you and your families are safe and well.

As we continue to come together to navigate through the pandemic, we understand that health and safety is of the utmost concern for our guests; rest assured that our commitment to your health and well-being remains our number one priority.

Following the guidelines and recommendations of the Egyptian Government, we are doing the following to ensure the security and safety of our guests:
– The maximum occupancy per room is two adults, with an addition of one child in family rooms
– The hotel will provide personal protection tools for guests and workers (Disinfectants, Face Masks, Gloves etc)
– The maximum occupancy in elevators is 50% of the allowed capacity
– Ensuring proper ventilation in all areas
– Providing informative signs on the most effective safety precautions
– Valet parking service not allowed
– Following the Egyptian Government latest regulations on events and weddings inside the hotel and any nightlife activities
– Allocating a dedicated area for quarantining non-critical cases

Check-in process:
– Installing disinfection booth at the hotel entrance
– Finalizing check-in procedures electronically or with single-use pens
– Disinfecting the guests’ luggage before entering and leaving the hotel
– Measuring the temperature each guest upon entering the hotel each time
– Providing hand sanitizers in the reception area and different locations at all times
– Disinfecting all public areas regularly
– Following safety precautions for individuals with chronic diseases and who are above 65 years old
– Upon discovering a positive case among guests: the hotel to inform Ministry of Health to coordinate the isolation of the case in the dedicated area in the hotel or the hospital based on the severity of the case and according to the instructions of the Ministry of Health

– Commitment to run a maximum of 50% of the volume of employment
– Performing rapid test for returning employees from their vacation before resuming their work duties and upon their departure
– The duration between each vacation for employees in the coastal cities is 60 days
– Measuring the employees’ temperature each day

– Self-service at the Buffets are not allowed
– Shisha service is not allowed
– Measuring the temperature of all restaurant guests
– Leaving minimum distance of 2 meters between tables, 1 meter between each person per table. Considering families by providing a maximum of 6 chairs per table
– Using single-use cutlery whenever possible
– Placing disinfectants and wipes on each table
– Placing safety instructions across the restaurant areas

Pools and Beach:
– Regular maintenance and disinfection of the pools and using maximum chlorine concentration ratio (5 mg/L) and Bromine (10 mg/L) In order to neutralize COVID-19 virus
– Disinfecting the areas surrounding the beach and pools, including tables, surfaces and sun beds after the use of each guest
– Leaving a 2-meter distance between each sun bed
– Delivering used beach towels in the rooms to minimize human contact
– Minimizing entertainment activities on the beach and pools

Fitness Centre and Spa:
– Disinfecting all touchable areas on hourly basis, and the entire fitness centre after the use of guests, while maintaining the proper distance between the equipment. Showering at the gym facility is not allowed
– Jacuzzi, sauna, steam and massages are not allowed
– Cleaning and disinfecting all bathrooms within the fitness centre facility on hourly basis, and closing the shower area
– Outside guests are not allowed

Housekeeping and Laundry:
– Disinfecting rooms daily using POSI procedures and following Ministry of Health instructions
– Cleaning and disinfecting all touchable areas in public areas and bathrooms on hourly basis, using the certified disinfectants by the Ministry of Health
– Disinfecting corridors on daily basis and fully disinfecting rooms after the guest departure
– Providing a steamer to disinfect furniture and textiles
– Laundering linen and beach towels using high temperature, and disinfecting the laundry machine unit after completing the daily laundry cycle
– Changing bed linen every other day, and relying more on self-cleaning service within the rooms
– Disposing waste safely (in coordination with Ministry of Health and Ministry of Environment)

I wish you the best of health and please stay safe.

Yours Sincerely,

Tamer Khedr
Management Office